Buddie Fox: The Loves of Shawna Kane Bev Magee Author
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            Men unwillingly fell in love with Shawna Kane, but only one man had her heart.  Kneeling at her brothers’ graves, a young man joined her under the watchful eyes of another admirer.  Claiming to be family, he wanted to know about the Gang.  Shawna agreed to tell him, on the trip home.  Believing she wasn’t recognized, Shawna and Justin headed for Phoenix.             Two men wandered into El Paso days later.  The hostler knew them for who they were, but told no one.  Identified by the ex-saloon owner, they make a hasty retreat.  Information from the old man pointed them in the direction of their sister and long-lost brother.             Owning a ranch meant Shawna was in charge of a crew of men.  Tannen, the foreman, thought more of her than the other hands.  He left the best job he ever had, to Joshua’s relief, to avoid doing something he’d regret.  Attempts to keep his little brother from getting trap by her charms failed when Chris refused to join him.             Still intent on acquiring her guns, Cliff Warrant used any means available.  Blackmail, kidnapping and the help of her former boss only angered her.  His last attempt, during a cattle drive, got him killed.  Events during the cattle drive brought many surprises to all involved.  A young marshal, on the trail of another gang, learns of Shawna’s identity and asks for her help.  Double-crossed by his boss gets them both injured.  Taken in by her charms, Rio Dylan tried to warn off a former lover.             But Jack didn’t scare easy, not even seeing Joshua worried him.  Knowing she was married didn’t stop Jack from wanting to spend time with Shawna.  Not wanting to see her cousin Mandy unhappy, Shawna made a proposal to Jack, one he’d heard before.


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