Plant Science, Agriculture, and Forestry in Africa South of the Sahara: With a Special Guide for Liberia and West Africa Cyril E. Broderick Sr. Ph.D.
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Deficits in food production across Africa have resulted in starvation and famine for babies, children and families throughout Africa, and without serious transformation in the production of food and agricultural commodities, mal-nutrition, starvation, famine, and poverty will perpetuate across this region. The provision of critical knowledge and understanding of agricultural principles as they relate to traditional and modern practices is the essence of this text. Plants are presented first in this treatise, and then the place of animals in agricultural production is introduced. Finally, the roles of the environment, labor-saving devices, fertilization, and other intrinsic factors are discussed. This treatise is indispensable among farmers, students, and professionals in agriculture in the scientific decision-making process for agricultural sustainability. Dr. Broderick draws on dozens of years of academic life and practical professional experiences to present this essential text.


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