The Northington Chronicles: A New Beginning L.J. Watts Author
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Stephen Northington was ten years old when his parents died. His maternal grandmother, knowing his parents wishes, continued to raise the Northington children as Christians. Stephen grew into a personable, easy going and laid back guy. He is a non-politically correct Christian man without the expected fire-and-brimstone personality whose character is not often challenged. However, even though his Christian beliefs are sometimes questioned non-believers find it hard to argue with him. Kathy Hall was raised with very little religious influence in her life. She grew up in an upper middle class family and was the youngest of four children and the only daughter. She was very popular in high school and college and had the same four best friends all eight years. She grew up to be a very beautiful woman and is successful in her career. But, Kathy is not successful in love and is a divorcee who is also the mother of a very urban preteen daughter, Kendra. Kendra is pampered but not spoiled. She is allowed the freedoms of most urban children. She travels to malls and Chicago attractions using the public transportation systems with her closest friends and knows the Chicago streets better than most adults. She is also well aware of her mother’s single-life woes as she watches first hand the men that come in and out of her life and is present when her mother’s friends sit around the kitchen table to discuss the details of their romantic adventures and failures. Stephen and Kathy are coworkers at a major corporation and they eventually become acquainted. They are assigned side-by-side cubicles where they become regular coffee chit-chatters. Kathy uses Stephen as a sounding board for her weekly Monday morning pity party cries over her failed relationships. Eventually, Kathy has a revelation as she suddenly sees Stephen in a new light and their lives become intertwined. They find themselves facing life issues that initially create conflict between Kathy and Stephen. The conflict between them begins to subside but increases for Kendra. As they move forward with their lives Stephen is encouraged, Kathy is motivated but Kendra’s frustration deepens. The lives of the three of them become more intertwined as they face new and more challenging conflicts. See how these three handles a homosexual couple attending a barbecue at the home of Christians and decide to challenge the host; Kendra develops a friendship with a Christian girl and they become best friends. She watches as her friend gets bullied by a school classmate and tries to encourage her; and Kathy is alarmed and frustrated with the surprising political agendas revealed at the public school Kendra attends and challenges the administration. Stephen, Kathy and Kendra handle these challenges and more in The Northington Chronicles, A New Beginning. Book Reviews: I found reading The Northington Chronicles to be magnetizing. From the opening paragraph you're drawn in with the conflict swirling through Kendra's mind. L. J. Watts has keenly constructed many scenarios that provide the correct amount of tension which makes The Northington Chronicles a compelling can't-put-the-book-down read. Each chapter, each scene, begs both questions and answers. How would I react if this event appeared in my life? Not only are you given a glimpse inside the three main characters lives, you truly get to live vicariously through them as their stories unfold. Kudos to the author and may God continue to bless you. ERW Northington Chronicles: A New Beginning is the best book I've read in years. It's a mixture of everyday life issues with some comedy and drama with a little bit of romance sprinkled in there. There's so much to learn from reading this book including how to biblically (Christ-like) handle situations like bullying, and domestic/civil coupling, etc. It's a great book for book clubs because it causes one to have questions a


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