Reverence for the Soul Richard Schain Author
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This is a philosophical work dressed out in journal form. It requires readers receptive to a point of view transcending the current intellectually-dominant scientific monism. The writer develops his conviction that Homo sapiens  needs and wants to develop his metaphysical self (the soul  in traditional terminology). The contemporary scientific world view is predicated on an opposite viewpoint, which is that there is no such thing as a soul, there is only a network of neurons within the brain resulting in physical activities affecting a physical world and creating a physical self. Amidst the description of the writer’s conflicts with this prevailing world view are interspersed discussions about brain-mind relationships, about the question of the “soul”, about dualism versus monism and the nature of the real world, about purposes in writing and about personal values arising from all these matters. Reverence for one’s own soul is the ultimate value arrived at by the writer.This is not a religious work; it may in fact be regarded as anti-religious, even blasphemous by those disposed to such judgements. Nevertheless, the writer believes in the value of an intellectual conscience and is not inclined to offend it through deference to superannuated or self-serving societal entities offering opiates for  metaphysical needs.It is well-known by now that all genuine philosophy represents the personality and experiences of a philosopher, however much it may be covered over with a scholarly style. The philosopher wishing to  pose in the white coat of the scientific investigator is a ridiculous figure who should be confined to circus entertainment. Meaningful, value-oriented philosophy – and what other kind is there? – is subjective in nature, albeit requiring knowledge, experience and intellect in its formulation. An unpublished monograph  of the writer (available to those interested) is entitled The Subjective Will to Metaphysical Existence. This title makes explicit what is presented in more personalized and literary form in Reverence for the Soul.


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