Love's Journey Kristie Hart Author
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Choosing to leave their family and friends in the Ohio Valley and settle in the Kentucky Mountains had not been an easy decision for the newlyweds Maggie and Samuel. Returning to the wagon-train and finding that her husband and everyone else had been killed by Indians, Maggie, who was just barely sixteen, collapsed to the ground. Had she not fallen asleep after bathing at the falls, she would have heard the horrible screams that rang through the Kentucky hills earlier that afternoon. She too would have been killed. Returning to his tribe after a month of spiritual growth in the Dark Hills, the young Indian chief, Brave Eagle, had just stopped to water his horse when he heard the whimpering in the brush. Discovering the filthy, bloody girl hysterically biting her lips and tugging at her hair he tied her hands and took her back to his village. It was during that first month of being held captive in the village that Maggie learned she was going to have Samuel’s baby. As she finally had a reason to live, she prayed to God for strength and guidance. In the beginning, she hated the chief who brought her back to his village and left her with his grandmother, but as time passed Maggie found herself thinking more and more about him because his gentle touch to an old one’s arm or kind smile when he talked with a child made her wonder what kind of man he really was.


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