When Children of Immigrants Are Left Behind: My Story Must Be Told Barbara Deotisis Luna De Acosta Author
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As a child, author Barbara Deotisis Luna De Acosta's parents left her and her siblings behind and in the care of others while they pursued their dreams in America. Her story is one of a multitude of emotions and experiences, and she shares it all here. Her experience serves as a warning and a lesson for parents everywhere. She poses several key questions for parents who are considering immigrating and leaving their children behind: • Who will care for your children? • What kind of care will they receive? • What if something happens to the caregivers? Who will care for your children then? • How can you help your youngest children understand why you must leave them? • What is the emotional cost of your decision? • Is leaving your family behind worth it in the long run? For Barbara and her brothers, their new life was one of surprising fear-and more than a few magical adventures and scary monsters of everyday life. Theirs is a tale of both quiet patience and abandonment, of both unconditional love and neglect. She shares her experience openly and honestly, hoping to help other parents make a more informed decision when it comes to their families.


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