Choosing the Right Investment Advisor: An Essential Step on the Road to Financial Freedom Carol A. Santamaura Author
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If you met your investment advisor at a party or hired him because he coaches your son’s hockey team, you may not have researched his credentials, ethics, and financial performance. Don’t be afraid to correct the situation. If you are seeking to hire an investment advisor, either for the first time or to replace your current one, equip yourself with the knowledge you need to make the right choice. Author Carol A. Santamaura, an investment advisor, specializes in growing wealth for investors. The principles she shares in this guidebook focus on Canada but can be ap-plied anywhere. They include how to under-stand what kind of investor you are, avoid psychological pitfalls of investing, interview investment advisor candidates, and cultivate a successful relationship with your advisor. Take off your blinders so you can see past the charismatic salesperson with the convincing pitch. By balancing short- and long-term objectives and investing in an efficient manner, you can achieve your financial goals. It all starts with Choosing the Right Investment Advisor.


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