The Great Leap-Fraud: Social Economics of Religious Terrorism, Volume II: Islam and Secularization A. J. Deus Author
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Based on a reassessment of primary documents from the beginning of Judaism through to the Reformation, author A. J. Deus evaluates the Judaic scriptures of the Jews, the Christians, and the Muslims for their potential to stir hatred, violence, and terrorism. He searches for messages in the scriptures that may alter the economic behavior of societies. In this, the second volume of The Great Leap-Fraud, Deus exposes the frauds that overrun the Islamic faith. He focuses on the scriptural foundation of the Muslims and explains the status of terrorism, Jihad, and human rights in the historical context. Tying history to contemporary issues, Deus puts the evidence together that shows how the Jews used the doctrinal difference of the time to heave themselves into power and redeem Israel. He demonstrates how societies and economies have changed because of religion and shows the consequences of those who preach hatred against humanity. The findings in The Great Leap-Fraud are highly relevant to the crisis in the Middle East and the poor world: • Intellectual framework and social norms in four Judaic religions • Social organization in the industry of religion • Interaction mechanism of violence and terrorism between believers and nonbelievers • Economic development and religiosity • The working of the secularization process In The Great Leap-Fraud, Deus argues that religious freedom poses the biggest threat to humanity, and he calls for the regulation of religion as an industry. He encourages citizens to look at religious history through unbiased eyes. See for more information, previews and articles.


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