The Enchanting Contradiction: Memories of the Middle East Patricia Heurtaux Author
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Right now, the Middle East is a region undergoing intense and extensive changes; however, life in the past was quite peaceful and joyful. Terrorists, extremists, and jihadists are some of the people who are now commonly associated with the Middle East and Islam-but as the saying goes, there are two sides to every story. The Enchanting Contradiction tells another side to the commonly accepted view of life in the Middle East. It is the story of a unique woman who, with her seven-year-old daughter in tow, took a chance and moved to the region to live for more than a decade. After spending several years in Dubai, author Patricia Heurtaux felt a strong need to write about what everyday life is really like in this part of the world. The Enchanting Contradiction offers a collection of memories, perceptions, and some criticisms too-but we properly criticize only those we love. Heurtaux does not claim to be an expert on the world situation and geo-political matters, especially the Arab world, but she is a woman with a brain and a heart. She expresses her perceptions and analyses, uniquely hers and from her own unique experiences. Bittersweet and humorous by turns, she recalls of the best years of her life as she came to know The Enchanting Contradiction that is the Middle East.


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