The Literature of Islam: A Guide to the Primary Sources in English Translation Paula Youngman Skreslet Editor
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This book introduces the literature of Islam as it is presented in English translation. For scholars in other fields who need to understand the vast and complex literary heritage of this erudite and vigorous faith community (but are unable to devote years of their lives to achieving a reading proficiency in classical Arabic), for faculty members called upon to teach introductory or survey courses outside their own disciplines, and for graduate students in theology, medieval studies, world religions, or related fields who need access to these primary sources in English translation, The Literature of Islam is a welcome resource. Even lay readers who are interested in understanding the modern Arab or Islamic world may grasp something of the currents of thought and belief through the centuries that produced these important works, which continue to exert a powerful influence upon Muslims today. The primary literatures of Islam are normally classified into several areas of study: the canonical literature, the interpretation of scripture and tradition, law, theology, philosophy, history, and mysticism. Entries here are organized into these areas of study and represent the most significant texts from important trends in the discipline. The volume also includes an extensive bibliography that lists the editions of primary sources analyzed in each chapter. There are also some suggestions for secondary reading, which might be helpful to a student seeking additional information about each genre of literature.


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