Abduction of a general Richard David Rosenblatt Author
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It is 2004, and a group of American and British oil men, and a Saudi Prince, have abducted an American Army General. The abductors have conconcted a plot to force the American administration to increase its troop strength in Iraq in order to secure and augment their oil profits. The plotters are holding the general hostage, and they also plan to kidnap a company of United States Marines in the Iraqi desert, and hold them hostage. Eight West Pointers from the class of 1949, together with an American Senator and an American newspaper reporter have banded together to rescue the general and to prevent the Marines from being kidnapped. Action starts in Germany and moves to Paris, Morocco, West Point, Washington, and the Sahara desert. The action includes abductions, murders, intrigue, and battles in the Iraqi and Sahara deserts. The story concludes at West Point.


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