Beyond Deliverance Corinne Taylor Author
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In Beyond Deliverance, Corinne Taylor continues the emotionally riveting and historically intriguing true story begun in her 2012 book, Deliverance from Evil. So beautiful was the sight of Florence in her wedding gown as she walked down the aisle on the arm of her father in the Congregational Church that the thousand guests waiting in hushed conversations gasped in awe. Once an admired debutante in high society of Washington D.C., Florence is humiliated by another collective gasp at scandal just six months after her fashionable wedding was highlighted on the society pages of Washington’s newspapers. Florence now attempts to rebuild her life—just at the time when the world is rocked by war and epidemic. If she recalls with wrenching pain the girl she used to be, it is because she knows the idealized romanticism of the time before 1915 can never be restored. Once she idealized, now she questions—her own motives as well as the motives of her suitors who again queue up outside her apartment at the Cairo Hotel with impressive credentials, appealing physical form, and flirtatious flattery. Will she settle for friendship in marriage or will she hold out for the passion she desires? This story is about how Florence regains hope in her future, and the irony of her choice in men.


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