Midnight at Moonglow's: The Sword of Destiny Book II K. C. Sherwood Author
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Casey Parker is having the time of her life leaping in and out of books through her uncle's magical bookshop, Moonglow's, when she finds a strange little black book with her name listed in it. Uncle Walt's name is there too, along with his life story and that of every other owner the bookshop has ever had. As Casey and Uncle Walt begin to investigate the mysterious rhymes contained in the book, Uncle Walt becomes permanently trapped in a book-and it's up to Casey to find a way to free him.Throughout her journey to free Uncle Walt, Casey faces untold dangers in fantastic locations, from the lost city of Atlantis to ancient Egypt to medieval England, and even to a pirate utopia called Libertalia. She must search for a protective amulet, the all-powerful Moonstone, and ultimately the Sword of Destiny, which she'll need in the final battle to break the spell that's holding her uncle captive. But, even with the guidance of a mystical fortune teller in the real world, will Casey be brave enough to fight this evil force on her own? Or will her uncle remain trapped in Atlantis forever?The Sword of Destiny is the sequel to Midnight at Moonglow's, which won the Writer's Digest Mark of Quality award and an honorable mention in the Los Angeles Book Festival


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