Decades Of Experience Cristina ''Bl!Ss'' Calderon Author
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A beautiful woman is murdered in London and the crime goes unsolved. Months later and thousands of miles away, a young journalist has a fateful predawn meeting on a bridge in Charleston... Reporter Steve Lore doesn't know what to make of Clayton St. John. Though St. John has been in the Holy City for just six months, his wealth and good looks have bedazzled the town's social elite. But is St. John who he claims to be? Did he actually serve in the Vietnam War? How did he get the money he has spent restoring an antebellum home and making hefty donations to the city's historic preservation society? Why does he throw lavish parties that begin as polite society affairs and end as orgies? And why would a man like St. John befriend a struggling reporter like Steve, a man who lacks St. John's confi dence, charisma and cash? Steve is both charmed and baffl ed by his stylish new friend, but when he tries to unravel St. John's secrets, the mystery just deepens. Soon the menace unleashed by the young woman's murder puts a whole family in mortal danger. St. John is forced to admit the truth about his background, and Steve has to face his own troubled past or lose Candace, the woman he loves. Ultimately, all of them have to decide who they trust and what they are willing to risk in the steamy heat of those Charleston Nights.


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