The Stanhope Trilogy Book Three: the Wreck: Two Misplaced Southern Girls Search for Treasure and Discover Love Patti O'Donoghue Author
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Hey there! This is Cecilia Anne Celia Stanhope and my life is about to get really exciting! My buddy, Regina Goldie OBrien, and I are about to find us some treasure! I know youre laughing at that idea, but this is where it gets really interesting. Goldie and I met a couple of guys, Mark and Nick, who have in their possession a sword hilt from the S.M.S. Cormorana German shipwreck that dates to World War One. Mark found the beautiful brass hilt while metal detecting on the beach on Rota, an island just north of Guam in the Marianna Island chain. The thing is the Cormoran is located in Guams Apra Harbor. Did a typhoon wash treasure from Guam to Rota? Seems unlikely. Mark and I put two plus two together and discover that there are two ships named Cormoran. The one were after was filled with treasure and spirited away from Germany before the end of the war. Welcome to the island of Rota. Were at a place called the Devils Jawthe final resting place of The Wreck.


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