Transform Mind and Body with the Lap-Band: Awaken to a Life No Longer Controlled by Hunger and Weight Lisa Gentile Author
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Transform Mind and Body with the Lap-Band by Lisa Gentile provides simple, yet effectively precise techniques for properly utilizing the Lap-Band surgical tool as a means of successfully achieving a long-term healthy weight. With more and more people of all ages, genders and race suffering from this genetically stimulated, environmentally hindering disease of obesity; externally driven weight loss modalities (dieting) have proven to be inadequate. Programs such as Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, and Nutri-System have perpetuated the disease driven entity that lies at the core of weight-challenged individuals. Common weight loss programs fail because they are primarily based on factors that obese individuals are physiologically unable to control. Dieting entails trying to control numerous aspects related to food from outside the body, rather than achieving success in transforming eating habits from a place within. Without developing internal awareness governing all aspects of food consumption, hunger will continue to be a consistent ailment. The Lap-Band not only places physical restriction on the stomach to help limit caloric consumption, but this amazing tool also has the ability to diminish hunger by stimulating nerves that govern satiety. Through the use of this educational manual, readers will gain expertise knowledge related to the many distinctive features of the Lap-Band including how the procedure works effectively, as well as, preparation in all nutritional, behavioral and emotional aspects both before surgery and during each step on this post-banded journey towards managing a healthy and empowering new body weight. The multidisciplinary, holistic approach outlined within this manual is both enlightening and inspirational.


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