Touch & Go - Audiobook, by Lisa Gardner
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How do you vanish a family?Ten minutes after walking the elite Back Bay townhouse and investigator Tessa Leoni already doesnt like what she sees. Signs of an abduction. Clearly the work of professionals. At best, the entire family has been kidnapped. At worstHow do you disappear a marriage?The more Tessa learns about the Denbe family, the less she likes their chances. What might have looked like the perfect existence-a powerful CEO, his adoring wife, their angelic child-is not what it appears. Husband, wife, daughter-magazine perfect, but each hiding dark secretsHow do you erase a life?Tessa knows more than shed like to about families riddled with lies. What she doesnt know is where the Denbes are and if any of them are still breathing. Shell have to climb over unbending feds and territorial local cops to find out, and if shes not fast, the Denbes chances of survival will quickly become little more thanTouch & Go



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