Blockbuster Book of Crosswords 3 - (Blockbuster Crosswords) by Rich Norris (Paperback)
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Book Synopsis A giant crossword collection from the Los Angeles Times , featuring puzzles by the nation's top creators. From the pages of the famous Los Angeles Times come puzzles from some of the best crossword constructors around--all of the highest quality in terms of grid design, words within the grid, and fun, fresh themes. This book contains a whopping 300 puzzles that range from easy to weekend-level challenging, with perforated pages for easy removal. About the Author Rich Norris is one of the most prolific authors of The New York Times crosswords in the last 20 years. Since 1999, he has been editor of the Los Angeles Times crossword. His work also appears in various newspapers and in Simon & Schuster puzzle books. He was a founding member of an online syndicate that created and marketed puzzles to major online publications. He lives in Apple Valley, CA.



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