Turned Out: Mandingo Love Part II Dion Jones Author
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TURNED OUT is the astonishing sequel to MANDINGO LOVE, but don't allow yourself to think for one second that TURNED OUT falls anywhere short of the tantalizing energy of its predecessor. It packs a heavy dose of betrayal, conflicts, passion and eroticism. Surely, DE'MARCO is made to pay his debt to society, however not for long, because the winds of change are blowing in his favor. And if you think CONNIE acted up a tad bit in MANDINGO LOVE, best believe she just outright shows her ass in TURNED OUT. Playing on JENNIFER'S emotions and mental weaknesses so she can stick around and get another shot at De'marco. Her devious plan works so well that when De'marco returns home he has not only one, but two women catering to him, willing to do whatever for and with him! Connie is having her cake and eating it too as she enjoys the pleasures of both worlds, until the quiet, innocent DE'SHAWNTU makes her presence felt, but not known. In the midst of a whirlwind of events Connie's lustful antics are finally brought to a screeching halt. As you set out to follow this one you can guarantee that you'll end up TURNED OUT.


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