Reflections of God's Work: A criminal justice official's lessons on a walk with God A Devotional Guide Paul McLean Author
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This work by Paul McLean is a deep, weekly devotional that is both introspective and interactive. It is a weekly study as opposed to a daily reading in order to involve the reader on a more contemplative journey into focused biblical issues. By use of a weekly instead of a daily study, this devotional allows an opportunity to go deeper with God by narrowing the reader's focus on particular biblical principles that impact his or her personal sphere. McLean vigorously maintains that Bible study, deep personal analysis and prayer are critical anchors in weathering any of life's storms while at the same time producing Christian growth and maturity. They are also the pillars from which growth, life balance, and fulfi llment is achieved. This book is interactive through the use of journaling thoughts, impressions, and messages received through connecting with God's word (Bible) during the week. Essentially, the reader evaluates his or her life by answering, in journalistic form, pointed and personal life questions. McLean believes that prayer and contemplative study play critical roles in the process of hearing from God. This devotional can also be used as a study guide for group sharing and personal growth. Each chapter touches on insights and personal experiences McLean has encountered in his work as a probation offi cer and from his involvement in prison ministry. He discovered that by witnessing the transforming power of Jesus Christ in the lives of criminal offenders, he was changed and shaped by God for a higher purpose.


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