SO HELP ME GOD glimpses and glimmers of life Rosalind E. Frascona Author
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Dear Mom, I am leaving you this sticky note to let you know once again that you can do it!I believe in you with all my heart and I believe that you are a good writer and your book will fly! Please believe in yourself and know that you are loved by God and your family. Your will to live will inspire the world. You are like the single candle that stays lit in the darkest of places. The other side is where this book will help people get to. Keep writing and never give up! Love, Dante I admire my mom, Rosalind Frascona. She always told me if it wasn't for faith, prayer, and love she would not be here with me today. Her past experiences, I believe, are what give her wisdom. If anyone is at a low point in their life the wisdom in this book will assist them. Please, read, and feel God's presence as my mom did in her times of trouble. There may be a connection in my mom's life to yours. Everybody has life experiences. Many have at least one tribulation written about in this book, but my mom has been through it all. I love her unconditionally and I am so proud of her. She has told me the whole story. Permit her to tell it to you and through her life let God bring you back to the Light.


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