Leila Padilla Going Green Lynn Collins Author
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Leila Padilla is a real estate agent, she sells houses. Leila is also an environmentalist, she goes green and works to help protect the environment from being destroyed and polluted. One way that Leila is going green is that she recycles used bottles, cans and paper. She also is going green by driving her electric, powered car; which saves on fuel or gas. However, Leila's cute, little kitty, Phoenix, is also going green, but not in the same way that Leila does. Leila's puppy, Rollo, is getting some extra attention and Phoenix is not a happy camper. She makes special plans to find a new home. Phoenix is so busy feeling sorry for herself that she doesn't realize that she is going green until Leila makes her aware that she is. In fact, she doesn't even realize that going green could mean anything other than protecting the environment and saving energy. At least, that's what Leila first taught her. Nevertheless, Leila helps Phoenix to understand that words or phrases such as going green can have more than one meaning. Finally, Phoenix comes to her senses and learns an important lesson. She decides that the only going green she wants to do from now on is Leila's way; which is to help protect the environment and to help save energy.


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