The Adventures of Thomas Pilgrim and Barney High Tail Henry Hixson Author
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Hyperrealist historical fiction writer Henry Hixson offers a wildly satisfying story in The Adventures of Thomas Pilgrim and Barney High Tail, his debut for young adults. In the style as such classics as The Prince and the Pauper and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Hixson has a way with creating suspense and conflict in this sea-faring adventure that ultimately provides readers a lesson on self-reliance. There aren't too many lads like Thomas Pilgrim. At thirteen his favorite things include Barney High Tail, his black cat, and wood carving. It's 1795 and life is pretty calm on the coast of England where he lives with his father, mother, and sister until he visits his dad at work one day. For some young blokes this might mean something less fascinating, but Thomas' dad isn't a baker or shoe smith; he's a shipbuilder. His dear old dad may have an eye for detail when it comes to building masts and jibs, but he doesn't notice when Thomas and Barney High Tail let curiosity get the better of them. The lure of a ship's mystery leads the two to sneak aboard one that's soon going a-sailing! On the HMS Provider, two unscrupulous sailors who won't have Thomas and Barney High Tail's best interest in mind soon discover the stowaways. As the ship makes it way to the South Pacific, lad and cat will discover the true meaning of friendship and what it means to persevere against all odds.


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