The Principles of Inner Success; How to Make Your Dreams Your Reality Gene Orlowsky Author
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Are you stuck in the doldrums of life? Do you have the job you want? Do you have the relationships you want? Are you achieving all you deserve in life? Are you happy where you are right now or just living in a comfort zone? Success, health, and happiness can be yours. And it's easier than you think! Dr. Gene Orlowsky will share with you ten life-changing principles of inner success. He will show you how to change your outer world by mastering your inner environment. By teaching you how to monitor your thoughts, actions, and feelings, you can as an individual change your outer world by simply changing your inner world. Learn how to overcome the two most common roadblocks to success, your limiting beliefs and the failure to take action. Learn simple problem-solving techniques to break through the challenges and barriers to your own personal success. Learn how to motivate yourself to set in motion a chain reaction that will change your attraction value and allow you to attract the naturally right persons, places, situations and things into you beginning immediately.


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