Becoming Conscious:: The Enneagram's Forgotten Passageway Joseph Benton Howell Ph.D. Author
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Did you know that you are not your personality? Beneath your outer layers of self is an authentic, beautiful being exactly as it came from heaven. Discover this wonderful, real you and draw from its miraculous power in Becoming Conscious. Learn from clinical psychologist and spiritual teacher Dr. Joseph Howell how to: Find the root causes of your suffering and unhappiness. Free yourself of the traps that seduce your ego. Be renewed with a sense of inner knowing, childlike joy, and wonder. Stop being driven by what others expect of you. Increase your tolerance and understanding of friends, spouse, children, and co-workers. Relate to others on deep, meaningful levels. Grow in consciousness of your specific divine purpose and your connection to the planet. Understand your repeated, self-defeating patterns and learn clear ways to stop them. Become consciously present. Reach your full potential as Dr. Howell explains the powerful and deeply spiritual Enneagram and relates it to your life. Whatever your beliefs may be, Becoming Conscious is a life-changing journey.


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