My Love Is Alive: The Living Keys to the Kingdom Rev Dempsey Harshaw Author
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My Love Is Alive is a love story of Consciousness to Itself. It portrays the Idea of Consciousness for the sole purpose of illuminating Consciousness to its Self. Imagine your shadow on the ground in front of you. Who you really are, Infinite Consciousness, is the One watching the shadow. My Love Is Alive is the process of accepting, embracing, and living this reality in and as your life. The result is an outpouring of love for yourself and your experience. The ideas circle in a repetitive dance of discovery as the concepts sink deeper and deeper into the reader's understanding. There is a powerful and undeniable message of life that has never been so fully unveiled. Using Biblical references, the author repeatedly demonstrates the true nature of our essence. The text is thought provoking at the least, and utterly transformative in its fullest meaning. My Love Is Alive is a doorway only you can walk through. You will transition from the experience of believing that you are one of many individuals that make up the whole, to embracing the experience that you truly are The One. Allow yourself to go through this process of My Love Is Alive with expectancy!


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