Making Out: A Novel of the Fabulous Fifties and Beyond David Laurence Author
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“Making Out” is a novel about a man (David Carter) who writes a novel about his life as seen through the eyes of his protagonist, David Nickelson. During his journey (from seventh grade through his forty-year class reunion) Nickelson, along with many of the other Carter characters, will not only win your heart, but they will make you wish that you had lived during those years accurately described as the “Fabulous Fifties.” “Making Out’ will bring back memories to those who lived during that era, but it will also allow its younger readers to see, feel, and experience how life was when their grandparents were young, discovering, as they will, that those “ancient ones” were a whole lot more “wild” than any of them could imagine. But the 1950’s were only the root years. David Nickelson’s life did go on. Experience with Nickelson and his friends…their drinking habits, their gangwars and their brutal personal altercations; discover their religious beliefs, their early attitude toward, and participation in, the drug scene; learn of their wild sexual antics along with the tenderness they could, at the same time, show to those they loved. Learn about their love of “hot” cars, their attitude toward those in authority, their dealings with whores, and their perspective on minority issues. Last, travel with Nickelson to Viet Nam. Learn what he learned, and how he dealt with what he discovered. And upon his return, learn how he, and his friends, made out in a world changing so fast it made them long for those days when life was easy, when the future for them seemed so fi lled with good things to come. Read “Making Out” and you will learn history, not as it has been portrayed by the media, but as it actually happened. Read “Making Out” and you will know that America can still return to its roots, its core values, and by doing so become, once again, the Country it once was.


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