Satan's Strategy to Curse Christ's Congregation: An Analysis of How Anarchy and Apostasy Develop in Christian Congregations and Elderships Keith A. Sh
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Dr. Sherlin has worked diligently to show the importance of elder rule. What he has done is restore us to sound principles that come straight from the Bible. His book is a must for every assembly that wants to remain strong rather than go the way of the culture. I cannot recommend his book enough. - Dr. Mal CouchIn this work, the author sets out the biblical case for congregations being ruled by a plurality of Godly men, known as elders. This work is meticulously footnoted and documented making it an invaluable resource for the layman and scholar alike. - Dr. Andy WoodsKeith writes in a manner that is precise and with a fluidity of understanding of current day church leadership. The tone of his writing is shared in love and there are no judgmental undertones that permeate his thoughts. I would wholly recommend this reading to all who profess Christ as their Lord. - Pamela RogersDr. Keith has presented a solid case for authoritative leadership in the church. His book is a call for us to return to biblical leadership and be presbyters instead of politicians. - Dr. C.V. VarnadoDo you believe that your local assembly is full of conflict, confusion, and/or compromise? Are you familiar with the strategy of Satan and his methods to undermine the grace, love, and truth of Christ's body? This work makes a clear and convincing case that many problems in congregations occur because the body has adopted a flawed foundation of church government and doctrine that is more political than biblical. How much or to what degree has Satan made inroads into your spiritual family and leadership body? Read and judge for yourself and if necessary seek to apply the prescribed remedy to the problem.


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