Making Love for Her: A Companion Book to Making Love for Him Intended to Instruct and Remind Women about the Important Roles They Play in the Lives of
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Making Love for Her is a companion book to Making Love for Him and is intended to instruct and remind women about the important roles they play in the lives of the men who love them. Women are the mothers, the sisters, the daughters, and wives, whose tender and compassionate influence carries their male counterparts onto greatness within their own specific realms. Each man and woman is a special being who can touch the hearts of many and bring about much good. It is the good that a woman can do in the life of a man, especially as his life's partner, that is the focus of this book. A woman must learn to embrace and exemplify the finer qualities of womanhood, with which she has naturally been endowed. She must also fashion and uphold a lifestyle that will draw to her those with whom she can comfortably relate, including the man of her dreams. In addition, she must know of the place which she holds in his life and of the many roles she performs therein. It is by being the best she can be that she engenders within him a desire to do likewise. Also, it is by creating a life of her own that she creates a life she can share with others. Additionally, it is by accepting the role of womanhood that womanhood becomes all it was meant to be, a place most supreme in the lives of those who look for her to show the way, to meet their needs, and to provide a haven wherein they may safely dwell, protected from all life's storms.


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