Ain't No Hurt Like a Church Hurt but God Can Heal the Wounds Evangelist Dr. Diane Hart Author
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Have you ever been hurt in church? Have you ever found yourself weeping and wailing to the Lord, “Why me?” Have you ever cried yourself to sleep while trying to pray because of “church hurts”? Are “church hurts” real? Can they possibly come via true saints of God? Will they knock you to your knees? YES to all of the above. Over my 55 years in church, I have been through it all: the good, the bad, and the ugly. All of the accounts in this book are first-hand. I have been at peoples’ deathbeds as they reminisced about being hurt by leaders or so-called saints. I know people who have given their last believing their leader was giving a word from the Lord, yet they ended up losing in the end. Whereas some of the most influential people have professed to be one thing in public, behind the scenes they are another, and it has caused hurt among God’s people. I am sharing some of these hurts so that God’s people can know that, even though there is hurt in church, there is healing and you can move past it. It will come only through the word of God.


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