The Moment It All Changed: Short Stories of Adventure, Inspiration, Epiphany, Humor, and Surprise Steven R. Roberts Author
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Every day is a surprise. In the total scheme of our lives, however, the moments are mostly minor personal tragedies and adventures so we just keep on keepin' on ... Most surprises in life can be managed, but sometimes events conspire to radically alter our existence. The Moment It All Changed explores this theme in, a collection of intriguing short stories filled with dynamic characters caught in mid-flight through adventures they never expected. A brave young girl leads twenty men out of Castro's brutal grip. A young engineer finds himself swimming under the ice of the Wind River, desperately searching for an air pocket. A young mother is paralyzed in a fall from the roof and fears dying alone. Author Steven R. Roberts introduces these unique individuals and the ways in which they discover their inner strengths and weaknesses-how they stood, accidently or on purpose, in the path of a speeding train of circumstances and faced the moment. Wrapping life-changing events within the mantle of humor, adventure, and spiritual awakening, The Moment It All Changed is an anthology to be savored.


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