She'alahn, Volume One: The Book of Woman, Volume One: Secret Writings (a Novel Idea)/ The Doctrine of the Faith of the Life Force, Volume One Lea Sovr
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Lea Sovran created the word she'alahn, meaning peace, harmony, strength, courage, and compassion in the Life Force. It is a greeting, a farewell, and the "So be it" and "Amen" at the end of meditations.She'alahn, Volume One is based on the real experiences of women. The first section, The Book of Woman, presents imagined letters shared among women across several decades that include strategies for solving common problems women face. The Book of Woman helps you believe that virtually anything may be possible for you and that you are not alone in your concerns. You are capable of changing the world and of working miracles.The second section, Th e Doctrine of the Faith of the Life Force, offers women spiritual support without male gods, without being treated as second-class citizens, and without indebtedness to "Higher Powers"-a faith for responsible, concerned women. The primary injunction of this faith asks us to be more accountable for our actions so we have greater power to heal the Earth.She'alahn, Volume One aims to uplift and encourage women to share ideas with other women, debate them, and begin changing the world for the better.


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