Escaping the Grind: From the Chronicles of Carlson Nicholas Adam Author
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Carlson Veitch has experienced entirely too much rejection in his life, but when he receives an offer to teach physical education at Kipling Secondary, he thinks his life is about to turn around. Little does Carlson know that a family mystery, a gaggle of impossible students, and a villainous boss are all ready to stand in his way-just as he is about to reach his destiny. Carlson's new career lasts exactly two days. After teachers organize the largest strike in North American history, Carlson joins an army of angry educators and soon realizes that no textbook ever taught him how to cope with parents who throw tomatoes at picketing teachers. After the strike ends, Carlton returns to the classroom and, in his spare time, rejuvenates a relationship with Lisa-the woman who broke his heart and then moved to Peru. As he scrutinizes how many XOs she writes at the end of her letters as a way of determining whether she still loves him, he grows disillusioned with teaching; one student after another tests his patience. As Carlson wrestles old ghosts and new obstacles, he wants to find the meaning of life-but will really settle for just a little happiness instead.


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