Deadly Mementos: A Keith Carson and Sara Porter Mystery Leslie Bendaly Author
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Sara Porter had one wealthy relative and one shot at an inheritance. That the inheritance turns out to be a box of disintegrating mementos seems perfectly in sync with the rest of Sara’s unraveling personal life. At first, the keepsakes seem meaningless. When darker mementos emerge that suggest Sara’s aunt was involved in an unsolved murder in a lakeside cottage in the 1940s, she realizes that her aunt left her the souvenirs for a reason. Murder in the past collides with murder in the present when Sara becomes the only suspect in the high-profile murder of her ex-husband’s pregnant girlfriend. Detective Keith Carson, always proud of his reputation as the Toronto Murder Squad’s arrow-straight guy, finds his personal mission at odds with his professional one. His instinct tells him Sara is innocent, and he risks his career to clear her. Carson races against a fellow detective and rival who is equally determined to prove Sara guilty and Carson incompetent. While Carson searches for evidence to prove Sara innocent, she does the same for her aunt. When the two investigations intersect, it seems impossible, yet certain, that the two murders are linked. Twisted minds and twisted motives create a hazardous path to the truth.


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