TIME: Clocks, Calendars And Dates of Jesus' Birth and Death Rick Perez Author
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This book divides TIME into three main units; time in general, clocks, and calendars. The purpose of this book is to make the reader THINK. Should we change our current clock and/or calendar to make them better? In the first unit Rick gives us a brief introduction and some historical theories as to how and why man started keeping track of time. In one of the sections in this unit Rick tries to show how the ages in the Bible's genealogy from Adam to Noah are more realistic by using lunar years instead of solar. He concludes this unit with his version of time zones. The second unit is dedicated to clocks and other hour measuring devices. Sundials, water clocks, candles, mechanical, and atomic clocks are some of the types mentioned. The reader is given information to explain why the day was divided into 24 hours and why the hour was divided into 60 minutes. Rick concludes this unit by proposing a solar day of 100 shorter hours. Finally the third unit is devoted to the solar year giving details of some of the early calendars like the Egyptian, Babylonian, Roman, Gregorian, etc. In this unit Rick gives us his calendar proposal featuring a ten day week. But the most spectacular section is the section titled The Dates and Times of Jesus' Birth and Death. He uses scientific data, historical information, and scriptural references to deduce the exact times and dates of Jesus' birth and death.


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