DETERMINED MEANS: Going From Victim to Victor!: Healing ourselves and our Nation from abuse, neglect, financial and economic crisis through solid rela
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Determinate Means: Going from Victim to Victor deals mainly with the abusive character of the perpetrator and the habits and mindsets of the victim. The mindset and determination of the victim to survive and be successful through practicing safe measures and God's Word are emphasized along with what in our nature causes us to sin. This book instructs us as individuals how to endure trauma and embrace healing and safety measures. As with any victim realizes, it becomes increasingly more difficult to trust others and hold on to sanity during times of great suffering, pain and abuse. We begin to doubt our self worth, allow others to dictate everything to us, value other peoples' opinion over our own just to name a few of the issues we wrestle with. I struggled with all of these issues most of my life. One human being should never have control over another, especially in unhealthy ways. This book distinguishes the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships, habits and boundaries and why we need to put them into place. These are the most significant barriers to healthy relationships and without them often give the perpetrator mixed signals. We can do all we can and still experience tragedy. As you read this book and learn the Psychology of our existence and creation, you will understand the need for this real life safety net pertinent to your life as a whole.


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