What Is Driving Women to Drug Use And How You Can Help: Psychology and Behavioral Sciences of Addiction Dr. Richard Corker-Caulker, PhD, EdDCP Author
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What Is Driving Women to Drug Use is about pretreatment relapse triggers among women addicted to street drugs, prescription drugs, and alcohol. Women are affected by different pretreatment relapse triggers, contributing to repeated relapse. Dr. Richard Corker-Caulker provides insight for personal understanding into why women relapse and what you can do to help. Dr. Corker-Caulker describes women’s pretreatment relapse triggers, as well as how to assess the triggers, identify, analyze, and take appropriate response to help through a qualitative therapy approach that he developed. This guide is a very useful tool to help respond to any person or love ones with addiction problems. Therapists, psychologists, doctors, drug courts, colleges, clinics, policy makers, and program managers working with addiction clients can learn how to focus treatment on pretreatment relapse triggers to prevent repeated relapse. Pretreatment relapse triggers using qualitative therapy approach for assessment, analysis, and planning intervention is a new direction in addiction treatment.


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