The Mind to Heal: Creating Health and Wellness in the Midst of Disease Doreen Lecheler Author
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When I received news of an incurable cancer recurrence, I naturally assumed it was the will of God. I was forty-eight years young and determined to accept whatever came my way. But there's a different mindset required when you are either accepting death or preparing for battle. In this search for meaning and direction, I found hope, permission, and the power to choose life. As a two-time cancer conqueror, Doreen understands the ups, downs, fears, and concerns of those struggling through disease. Combining her expertise in goal-setting and effective thinking skills with the knowledge and power of Scripture, Doreen offers seven critical choices to co-create an environment for healing. Most people hope and pray for healing but subconsciously sabotage their own wellness. They spend more time worrying and talking about the disease than their vision of health. It's vital they learn to manage their thoughts, emotions and self-talk in a manner consistent with what they want. The Mind to Heal is book two of the HEALED series. It focuses on our role and responsibility to receive healing. It provides tools, principles, and strategies for how to think victoriously to overcome disease.


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