The 11: 45 Call: An Expository Bible Study of the Book of Jude Joel F. Blakely Author
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Jude, The 11:45 Call, is God's last attempt to give mankind His instruction on how to be delivered from destruction and what to expect if they don't listen. The Day of Judgment will come (Acts 2:20). Jesus' disciples asked Him, Tell us, when will these things be? And what will be the sign of Your coming, and of the end of the age (Matthew 24)? Jude amplifies the instructions of Jesus to His disciples and instructs us to beware, be ready, walk in faith and truth, lifting high the cross of Christ, and testify to the work God has done in our lives. All around us, people struggle in webs of deception and grope in darkness, waiting for the light. Hope lies but a turn away. Joel and Brenda Blakely, laymen in the church holding Master's of Education degrees, have taken up the pen after many years of teaching, to call attention to The 11:45 Call. The 11:45 Call issues an urgent, simple, authentic call to fight continuously for the faith-the truth and hope of our salvation-in light of the last days before judgment and the midnight hour. The 11:45 Call will expire at the stroke of midnight; destination is determined by personal choice.


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