Short Tales Of Mystery & Intrigue Patrick M S Dempsey Author
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That night wrapped up in his shawl was no different from any other night. He dreams of a large house with a staircase in the main hall leading to the upper floor which has many rooms. A frightened boy about fourteen years old runs along a dimly lit corridor lit up with oil lamps. The boy reaches the top of the stairs and without hesitating jumps from them. Even though he is an infant Kevin at this point would feel a falling sensation in his small stomach. When the young boy in his dream hit's the floor Kevin always feels pain in his right ankle and fear in the pit of his stomach. The boy in his dream gets up and tries to run away but before he can make his escape, a hand grabs him and spins him around. Kevin sees the smiling face of a beautiful woman who speaks to him in a soft gentle voice and in a strange accent. Kevin feels absolute fear and is terrified at this point because he senses this woman is pure evil. It is at this point that Kevin always wakes up crying.


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