How to Make Money While You Look for a Job : Start a Very Small Business on a Shoestring; A Step-by-step Workbook by Donna D. Buskirk
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Why is it that we will show up for work EVERY DAY and do work that we probably don't love, but when we plan to work for ourselves, we act like SLACKERS?CUT THAT OUT!Brilliant ideas and tons of money to invest do NOT equal success. Action is what creates success. Well planned action, and not quitting when fear attacks, can take you to the hard-work but worth-it state of being SELF EMPLOYED.We need to learn that we can be successful, we do NOT have to become something we are not, and starting a home-based business can be very simple.The author, Donna D. Buskirk, cautions readers NOT to spend money first. Earn money, and then invest some of that back into the business.Taking the six steps in this little book will put you into business. Start today!


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