The Etiology of Atopic Dermatitis Herbert B. Allen Author
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This book will present completely new, unique findings in eczema: sweat ducts that become occluded with staphylococcal biofilms trigger the innate immune system with TLR2 receptor activity and this leads to production of the “itching” and inflammation in this disease. Dermatologists and pediatricians treat eczema exceedingly well and this is ordinarily accomplished with corticosteroid containing topicals. However, after treatment, it is intriguing that aggressive moisturization and cautious bathing will in most instances prevent future flares of the disease, even though it is precipitated by bacteria and their biofilms. Diseases where eczema has been found with a completely unrelated disorder have shown occluded sweat ducts on histopathologic examination.These include Meyerson’s nevus which has a nevus and eczema in the same biopsy and Doucas Kapetanakis-type of pigmented purpuric dermatosis that shows occluded sweat ducts along with the capillaritis.


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