Eve's Apples: A charming tale of love and devotion against all odds Lena Kennedy Author
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Even half a world apart, they are destined to be together . . .When 12-year-old Daisy Smith steals a carrot for Jackie Murphy, an Irish barrow-boy, a love affair begins which will last for both their lives. Even when Jackie's family leave for Australia, Daisy cannot forget her childhood sweetheart.She determines to follow her love to Australia - after all, she would follow him to the ends of the earth if she had to.Though Daisy and Jackie are destined never to marry, their love affair continues. In Australia they both make their fortunes - Jackie in the opal mines and Daisy through the outback bar she runs with her husband. And as time goes on, their various children start new lives thousands of miles away from their East-End roots . . .******************What readers are saying about EVE'S APPLES'Could not put this book down' - 5 STARS'Saga at its best' - 5 STARS'A fantastic storyline' - 5 STARS'I enjoyed it so much' - 5 STARS'This really drew me in, I loved the whole story' - 5 STARS


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