A Companion to the Political Culture of the Roman Republic - (Blackwell Companions to the Ancient World) by Valentina Arena & Jonathan R W Prag
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Book Synopsis An insightful and original exploration of Roman Republic politics In A Companion to the Political Culture of the Roman Republic, editors Valentina Arena and Jonathan Prag deliver an incisive and original collection of forty contributions from leading academics representing various intellectual and academic traditions. The collected works represent some of the best scholarship in recent decades and adopt a variety of approaches, each of which confronts major problems in the field and contributes to ongoing research. The book represents a new, updated, and comprehensive view of the political world of Republican Rome and some of the included essays are available in English for the first time. Divided into six parts, the discussions consider the institutionalized loci, political actors, and values, rituals, and discourse that characterized Republican Rome. The Companion also offers several case studies and sections on the history of the interpretation of political life in the Roman Republic. Key features include: A thorough introduction to the Roman political world as seen through the wider lenses of Roman political culture Comprehensive explorations of the fundamental components of Roman political culture, including ideas and values, civic and religious rituals, myths, and communicative strategies Practical discussions of Roman Republic institutions, both with reference to their formal rules and prescriptions, and as patterns of social organization In depth examinations of the 'afterlife' of the Roman Republic, both in ancient authors and in early modern and modern times Perfect for students of all levels of the ancient world, A Companion to the Political Culture of the Roman Republic will also earn a place in the libraries of scholars and students of politics, political history, and the history of ideas. From the Back Cover A COMPANION TO THE POLITICAL CULTURE OF THE ROMAN REPUBLIC Beginning with contemporary Greek observers like Polybius, the political life of the Roman Republic has been the subject of intense debate for centuries. It remains bound up in the political history of modern Europe and the Americas. In A Companion to The Political Culture of the Roman Republic, readers will find a comprehensive and original approach to the subject of Roman Republican politics. The resources provided within examine the subject through the wider lenses of Roman political culture, recognizing that a system of shared values, traditions, and communicative strategies also shaped the social and political life of Rome throughout the Republic. An international and diverse team of contributors discuss the institutions, political actors, and the values, rituals, and discourse that characterized the Roman Republic throughout history. Many of the contributions appear for the first time in English in this volume, and a series of case studies, which demonstrate the practical application of modern approaches, offer significant value to students and teachers. Ideal for students at all levels of the ancient world, this book is also a must-read for anyone studying politics, political history, or the history of ideas. About the Author Valentina Arena is Professor of Ancient History at University College London. Her work focuses on the history of Roman politics, ancient political thought, and the wider intellectual landscape of the Roman Republic. She is the author of Libertas and the Practice of Politics in the late Roman Republic (2012), and, the editor of Liberty: an Ancient Concept for the Contemporary World (2018). She has co-edited volumes on Varro and the antiquarian tradition (2017 and 2018) and is currently directing the ERC funded project Ordering, Constructing, Empowering: Fragments of the Roman Republican Antiquarians. Jonathan Prag is Professor of Ancient History at the University of Oxford. He works on the history of the Roman Republic, ancient Sicily, and epigraphy and digital methods. He has previously co-edited The Hellenistic West (2013) and A Handbook to Petronius (2009). He has published extensively on ancient Sicily, where he also co-directs an archaeological excavation. He directs the I.Sicily epigraphic corpus (http: //sicily.classics.ox.ac.uk).



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