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Nicole the oldest sister is beautiful, successful and wealthy. She has an insatiable sexual appetite and an ex who won't take no for an answer. Fatimah is a vivacious wife and mother whose life changes forever after a simple phone call. Aniyah is sexy and athletic and she battles with her low self esteem. She can't seem to maintain a long term relationship and when an old flame from her past re enters her life, she has to choose between him and possibly the best relationship she's ever had. Serena is the baby sister. She is sweet, beautiful and naive. When her ex threatens to expose a risque photo of her and possibly get her kicked out of college, she has to decide if she's gonna run to her family for help or if she's mature enough to handle it herself. And in the middle there is lovely Mariah, a married mother of five with a bun in the oven, who struggles to hold her family together while trying to maintain her family at home. Secrets and lies are revealed as these sisters discover what they are truly made of when trouble strikes.


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