Living Write : The Secret to Inviting Your Craft into Your Daily Life by Kelly L. Stone Stone
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"Living Write" is a state of mind! By using a mix of anecdotal material from writers who have been there and a series of progressive and creative psychological exercises, professional counselor Kelly L. Stone shows you how to: Make writing a daily priority Maintain enthusiasm, motivation, and dedication for their long-term writing goals Overcome their fear of failure and gain confidence in their writing abilities Identify themselves as "writers" instead of people who casually sit down to write Each interactive exercise serves as a mental workout and helps you train your brain for writing success. You'll find a comprehensive program to reverse negative writing habits and move forward as a goal-oriented writer. This book also includes an instructive CD so you can put the techniques described in the book into practice right away--and make writing something you look forward to as much as your morning coffee!


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