Stephan Schiffman's Telesales: America's #1 Corporate Sales Trainer Shows You How to Boost Your Phone Sales Stephan Schiffman Author
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If you’ve got ten minutes a day, you can make a telesales breakthrough!By providing one concise, easy-to-read chapter for each daily coffee break, Stephan Schiffman’s Telesales, Second Edition has the power to transform your career and help you post noticeable increases in your numbers in just ten working days and transform your career after a mere twenty-one. Stephan Schiffman has coached thousands of sales teams across the country to improve their telesales performance.He knows exactly what works and doesn’t, and in this completely revised second edition, he shares with you all of his insider’s secrets, including how to:Master the five ways you can increase your incomeTrack your numbers . . . and use them to your advantageEvaluate your performance effectively . . . so you hit your own goalsGain control of the callLeave effective phone messagesUse how and why questions to your advantageLearn what’s going on in the prospect’s worldUnderstand the four types of negative responses . . . and find out how to get past each oneTurn small adjustments in your performance into large income gainsBy spending just minutes a day with this one clear, concise book, you can learn everything from creating a script; to recognizing when not calling a prospect can increase your sales productivity, to practicing the ten traits of world class salespeople. In this highly competitive world where the obstacles against telemarketers continue to become increasingly daunting, you can’t afford not to have these tools in your sales arsenal!


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