Sandpiper Court Journal: A Saga of the Second Civil War and Its Impact on the Lives of the Residents of a Wheaton, Illinois, Subdivision A. Bragen Dav
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Sandpiper Court Journal is a fictional account of the second civil war, which bears witness to the racial strife and struggle that thrusts itself upon an unprepared and unsuspecting United States of America. Having elected its first African-American president with an overwhelming majority, the country appeared finally to have become the great melting pot that it was often called. Felled by an assassin's bullet during the inauguration, the president-elect's death causes that great melting pot to bubble over as the two sides, separated by the colors of their skin, wage war in their struggle to survive. Master Sergeant Franklin B. Pierce and Anthony Joseph (TJ) Bender are two middle class, average Americans who happen to end up on opposite sides of the conflict. Pierce, following orders and waging war against his fellow Americans, is conflicted by the insanity of it all. His disciplined training invokes the fierceness of a seasoned warrior. But, his Christian underpinnings tell him to treat his fellow man with love and respect. TJ, a suburban homeowner in the Midwest, is simply trying to survive, fighting a rearguard action with his fellow neighbors as the enemy first attacks their suburb, and then, their subdivision.


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