From Beer to Paternity!: One Man's Journey Through Life as We Know It. Gerry Burke Author
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Most people don’t have retentive memories, so verbalizing your opinions can sometimes be an historical nightmare: especially when beer is involved. That is why I have recorded the preceding pages for posterity. It is a bit of a guy thing but I am sure that women will love it. In all modesty, these essays and articles are all about me but I would be surprised if some of them didn’t resonate with your own arsenal of memories. My shallow life is trivial but not uninteresting. You may recognize a like-minded soul? If so, we are well on the way to being book-buddies. My narratives are laced with wit and humor and revolve around the issues that you care about: relationships, animals, travel, sport stories and some celebrity revelations that you will find almost unbelievable. I commend the publication to you and urge you to consider it, when contemplating Birthdays, Christmas and Bar Mitzvahs. Gerry Burke Melbourne, Australia


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