Logical H.I.T.: A Means To Fight For Your Greatest Value: Your Happiness, Your Life Alexander Fee Author
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A Scientifically Proven Method to Gain up to 21 Pounds of Muscle in as little as Four Workouts! Bodybuilding seems to be quite the confounding endeavor these days. Countless individuals embark upon the aspiration of a more muscular and powerful physique, only to find themselves quickly arriving at a state of a complete cessation in their progress. Many such individuals find that, no matter how much more exercise they perform, they cannot seem to gain even an ounce of muscle. In this book, Alex Fee will elucidate the fact that what a bodybuilder truly requires is not more exercise, as the general orthodox almost instinctually prescribes, but a radically different type of exercise-a radical departure from the traditionally accepted method toward a sensible, logical, scientific method of exercise. A method of exercise that is literally capable of stimulating up to 21 pounds of muscle within two months, requiring as little as one 2-minute workout performed once every 5 to 21 days! Alex Fee shows you how to gain maximum amounts of muscle in the absolute minimum time. Get ready to question and rethink everything you believe about the fitness and nutrition industry. Learn why reason is the only tool that can enable you to understand how to gain muscle and lose fat in the shortest time possible-without supplements, buying expensive equipment, going on miserable starvation diets or spending endless hours every week in the gym. Discover how to improve your life in your everyday activities from bodybuilding to how to become motivated in favor of your life's goals to what is truly morally pertinent to man's success in life. Performed properly, this method of incredibly brief and very intense weight training will allow you to develop your muscles to their full genetic potential in the shortest time possible.


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